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About Us

Mission Statement

To raise the standard of the wellness, health & fitness in Australia by providing a highly beneficial service that not only achieves Unstoppable Life Changing Results but treats both you and the community as you should be treated with courtesy, respect and as people not numbers!


To always provide you with the most effective holistic fitness and lifestyle service that facilitates your constant desire to grow in ability, skill and satisfaction in life, to help you both endure and enjoy. To progress forward despite setbacks, to be a Juggernaut, to be UNSTOPPABLE!


juggernautPT came from humble beginnings. What began as an extraordinary dream to become a powerful force in the fitness, health and lifestyle industry and make a real difference in the health of the modern world is quickly gathering speed and strength. Are you onboard?

Obesity, Accelerated aging and Related Diseases are now at a crisis point, and it’s time you were empowered to take action, Change your lifestyle, Change your Health, Change your Life for the better.

What began as a part time venture training friends after hours, to making the leap to a fully fledged business to an Australian fitness sensation, helping you achieve incredible results in just two weeks and for the rest of your life! Check out our Testimonials page.

juggernautPT and its clients are making their mark both locally and internationally!


Contact Juggernaut

  • Home of the Original Bootcamp - Melbourne CBD - South Yarra - North Carlton
  • Email: gaz@juggernautpt.com
  • juggernautPT
    PO Box 6193 Chapel St North
    South Yarra
    Melbourne, Victoria 3141