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Our trainers are not just Personal Trainers they are juggernaut Personal Trainers a carefully selected team of Fitness Professionals who although highly qualified on paper offer so much more. Whilst they all have their own unique combination of Professional, Training and Life Experience. They share the qualities of;

Approachable - You need to be able to talk and communicate to your trainer in order to get the most out of your program

  • Down To Earth - No Snobbery here
  • Passion & Dedication  - To our clients and our work with them offering them highly effective  and constantly changing workouts
  • Empathy - We understand the challenges people face in changing their fitness and losing fat and we listen
  • Tough - However we are not push-overs, we will constantly challenge you to new levels and get you to work!
  • Community - juggernaut clients and trainers are just plain awesome people, we support each other and our socials, charity work and challenge weekends only add to our tribes strength


    Gary Wagner

    juggernautPT Founder

    Master Personal Trainer

    Lead Bootcamp Instructor

    "Be Unstoppable!"



    In Brief:

    • Experienced, Qualified & Internationally Certified Personal Trainer
    • Nationally Awarded Bootcamp Lead Instructor of the Year (2006)
    • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • Coach Mentor and Assessor for a leading Fitness Institute
    • Over 15 years Martial Arts Experience
    • Coach & Mentor of Ultra-Endurance Athletes including Peter Jong - 250km 5 Deserts Runner
    • Expert Contributor to national fitness magazines including 'Womens Health and Fitness'
    • National Fitness Assessor & Co-Producer, Documentary Project Kokoda: Women on the March
    • Consulting Fitness Experts to Australian Curriculum Educational DVD's
    • Australian 1st Generation Commando Krav Maga Instructor
    • Australian 1st Generation Circular Strength Training Coach
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    Highly motivated and disciplined I was in the Australian Regular Army for 4 year. Started off joining the Army Reserves for a little adventure and a way to get fit, I lost 15 Kg in my 45 days of initial training at Kapuka. It was hard but that’s what taught me that good things are hard to get. After leaving the Army I picked up were I had left off working as a drafts-person for different companies. I had always had a passion for fitness and for sports so after much deliberation, I took the plunge and qualified as a PT. I can honestly say that this had been my passion from the beginning and know now what it’s like to work in an industry that you really love. My ultimate goal is to become a strength and conditioning coach and work in a rehabilitation facility helping people recover from severe traumas. My motto is “good things come to those who work there asses off” and that’s just what you will do with me.

    Personal Profile – Gitti Fourie

    “Enjoy the challenge. Love the rewards”

    In Brief:

    • Fluent in English, German and Afrikaans
    • Degree in Commerce, majoring in Business Management and Accounting
    • 7  Years of competitive gymnastics, obtaining provincial (state) colours for Northern Transvaal
    • Cert III/IV in Fitness and mentored to success by Gary Wagner of juggernautPT
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    Cara Lambourne

    Nutritional Specialist

    Bootcamp Instructor

    "Fuelling your Results!"

    In Brief:

    • Qualified Dietitian
    • Cert III Gym Instructor
    • Cert IV Personal Trainer
    • Head of the River Division 3 Winner
    • Australian Skiing Champion – Youth Level
    • 3 years Competitive Ice Skating
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    Loralie Amad

    juggernaut Support

    In Brief:

    • Over 10 years experience as an Administrative Assistant
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    Hayley Tuck
    Owner: Step2Fit Personal Training

    Personal Trainer

    Bootcamp Instructor


    "Take on your Transformation Challenge"


    In Brief:

    • Hayley personally transformed her own Body in just 24 weeks
    • Has inspired and guided many more to new levels
    • Decreasing their Body Fat whilst increasing their lean muscle and Tone
    • As well as increasing their Mental Strength
    • Hayley personally transformed her own Body from deconditioned to peak levels in just 24 weeks
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    Sandy and Colin Suckling

    juggernautPT Sponsored Athletes


    "We are stronger than we think, the answer is self-belief"



    In Brief:

    • African Sahara Desert 250km Endurance Race, Completed
    • Chinese Gobi March 250km Endurance Race, Completed
    • Chilean Atacama Desert 250km Endurance Race, Completed
    • The Last Desert, Antartica. Scheduled for November 2012
    • Upon completion they will be the first husband and wife team aged over 50 to complete all 4 races
    • They have a fundraising goal of $50, 000 for the Australian Childhood Foundation


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