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The juggernautPT Challenge Sessions

You haven't done Bootcamp until you've done a juggernaut Bootcamp Challenge Event!

We have lined up an amazing array of challenges for our hard-working juggernauts to set their sights on, these challenges add to the already high levels of excitement and motivation associated with our Bootcamp and Personal Training Programs. Initially they are perceived as seemingly intimidating and insurmountable goals but once completed they are a testament to the endless amount of inner strength that our recruits have forged over the course of their training.

Every challenge event is brand new in a different location with a different focus BUT ALL are designed to lift our recruits to the highest level of physical, mental and emotional endurance


Here is a brief overview;


  • Every 7 weeks at the end of 'term' we run a 90 minute juggernaut Super Soldier Session
  • Just twice a year these Super Soldier Sessions are replaced by the awe inspiring 12hr Challenges,
  • These are also enhanced by the enrollment of juggernaut Teams in Public Events such as Tough Bloke, Tough Mudder,  Run For the Kids, Puffing Billy Race and Eureka Stair Climb to name a few


Not only are these a massive Value-Adding Service to our Current Clients, Students and Recruits.  But they serve as a genuine forum to test your mettle after taking your fitness, endurance and strength to new levels in our training programs.

Invitation to the unstoppable 12hr challenges are based on Instructor selection, it does not mean only the fittest are invited, it means those recruits who have truly proven themselves by doing the best for themselves during the program are invited. 

So stop paying for gimmicky fads, gyms or programs that take your money and give you nothing substantial in return, enroll in our Personal Training, Bootcamp or Mentoring Programs, set yourself the goal of training for and completing our next juggernaut challenge event and start truly tapping into your potential.

To help get you started here are some juggernaut Challenge Vids. Pump up the sound and feel what it's like to be an unstoppable juggernaut. 


Train Hard, Stay Strong, Be Unstoppable!





Gary Wagner

P.S To see more of our videos, head to our YouTube Channel by clicking here




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