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juggernautPT Online Training has arrived! Get Fit, Lose Fat, Get Strong!

Results based workouts, giving you a step-by-step plan to return your fitness and boost you fat-loss!

Simply click on the links to our Online Fitness Programs and you will be provided with easy to understand workouts that will progress as you do.There is no sign up, no downloads and no payment necessary.

Get fit, look great whether you have no equipment, work out in a fully equipped gym or anything in-between!


With a price to suit all budgets, no long term contracts and a quality of workout to suit the most discerning client, don't hesitate, get started today and start getting results!

Want results based workouts? Want to have a step-by-step plan for your workouts? Workout when you want, where you want and in the time you have!

Gain direct access to Gary Wagner an experienced elite Master Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor (2006 Bootcamp Lead Instructor of the Year). Also Certified as an Online Personal Trainer and Fit Phone Coach, Gary and his Melbourne Team of juggernaut Personal Trainers have put together a comprehensive range of workouts, to keep you moving.

You will be provided with illustrated workouts that will progress as you do and keep challenging you onward to your next goal.


As one of our online clients, you'll have support to juggernautPT HQ via email.

If you have any questions or require support, just send us an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Programs

*Please note the following links will take you to the first day of the corresponding program, simply follow the blog entries along until the program is concluded.

Christmas Fitness Program 2010 - Day 1 of a 3 week Program

Holiday Program 2009 - Tailored Programs for both Ladies and the Gents

Lose the Love Handles Workout - A quick once off workout that you can repeat to help burn those handles off!




Online Fitness Systems FAQs


I'm on a budget, how much does this cost?

All our online Fitness plans are currently charged at the same rate, they're Free!! For Australian fitness professional designed programs that progress as you do. What more could you want?


Is online Personal Training for me?

Online Personal Training is the perfect solution for those who are travelling professionals, time poor, on shift work, want to supplement their face to face sessions, on a budget, in a remote location or the other side of the world!


How do I sign up as an Online Client?

No Sign-up is required, simply select the link to the first day of your program then follow it along.


How many programs are there?

There are enough workouts to give you at least 2 months  of solid training, with plans for more to be added the ever changing programs will keep you inspired, challenged, interested and keep those results coming!


When can I get started?

Right now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!




"I thought you'd be interested to know in the 2 weeks I've been following your online workouts I've lost 1 kg and 1.7% body fat!" Kerri

"After leaving my trainer recently, I turned to Gary and the jPT Online Fitness Programs for some help with my training, as I wasn’t receiving the results I wanted. He set me up with two programs, one being a fat blasting circuit program and the other concentrating on my upper body, focusing a lot on my arms (exactly what I was after). Each exercise was clearly described and the whole program fitted in perfectly with the time I had told him I had. I really felt I got more benefit out of these programs than others I have had before, and it was so easy to follow and complete on my own! Amy G


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