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Bootcamp for Bride and Groom

We came to juggernaut Personal Training as a couple and trained hard. Got engaged. Trained harder. On our big day we both looked Outstanding!

When you've got such a special occasion to train for, it's easy to focus only on what outcome you want to achieve and not on all the details that will actually get you there.


Laura and I had the goal in mind, but it was Gary Wagner and his team of Juggernaut Personal Trainers who filled in the details for us and made it possible to achieve our goals. Through Gary's motivating exercise regime and eating plans we were able to shape up for our Melbourne wedding.

The team at JuggernautPT gave us an overall picture of how we could get in amazing shape for our big day and kept us going all the way!


The best part was we weren't doing the same type of exercise over and over, we never got bored and it was easy to keep focused and inspired.


Laura and Jase


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