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Lost 19 kilos and now Pain Free

"tried many weight loss systems since my early 20's"

I started training for fat loss with Melbourne's juggernaut Personal Trainers close to a year ago. I have been overweight my whole life, i'm now 37, and have tried many weight loss systems since my early 20's. I only ever stuck to them for a short time as they either didn't work or i became bored with them.


"designed for all fitness levels"

I started with Gary and his juggernautPT team at their South Yarra bootcamp sessions in Fawkner Park  which i was skeptical about at first, as in the past, group training had not done a lot for my confidence. People of varying fitness levels usually breeds a highly competitive atmosphere where the fitter people can make you feel like you're holding the group back or they aren't getting enough out of it by having to slow down for the less fit people.. This is definitely not the case with this boot camp. The sessions are designed for all fitness levels where the fitter people do more reps or run further and the less fit do what they are capable of.. Everyone then gets the right amount of training for them..


"now 19 kilos lighter!"

From the South Yarra Fawkner Park/Rockley Gardens boot camp i decided to start personal training with Gary in St Kilda at Chapel St Fitness as i wanted to focus on more specific aspects of my fitness. Mainly strength and flexibility...

This is when Gary decided that the path for my Personal Training Program required something uniquely effective incorporating the principles of Intu-flow and flow-fit to my workouts.


I have had lower back pain for most of my adult life for various reasons and was often incapable of even lying flat on my back .. Through my strength and flexibility training with Gary i can now roll on my back, bend forwards and backwards without pain, as well as jump and run which was impossible in the past.. Not to mention now being 19 kilos lighter!

Having been with juggernaut Personal Trainers for close to a year, and seeing them twice a week, i am never bored with our sessions and always feel encouraged and inspired to improve myself.

"regained the confidence, strength and flexibilty to reclaim my life"

The previous exercise systems i tried may not have failed because of the system itself, but more than likely failed due to the people implementing them. For me, Gary and his juggernaut Personal Training team have been the reason i have stuck to my training and have regained the confidence, strength and flexibilty to reclaim my life...



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