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Winning the Hunger Games

Beating Exercise Induced Feeding Frenzies....

It is no coincidence that as Australians portion sizes have grown over the last twenty years so has our waistlines, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics by 2008, 61% of all adult australians were overweight or obese.

Although there are other contributing factors to this obesity ‘epidemic’ the equation of burning more calories than you consume is vital to keeping us lean and strong.

A key component of this foundational strategy is using food to control our appetite, by consuming a mix of nutritionally rich, calorically low and as addressed in this special report foods that satiate you (have a filling effect on our stomachs).

Here is my top ten for foods that fill your tummy but don’t grow it..

10. Chillis - Researchers from Purdue University found that capsaicin the active in ingredient, can reduce hunger particularly for those who don’t regularly consume. By incorporating a bit of spice (as little as half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper) to occasional meal you can give hunger the flick.

9. Nuts - high in natural fibre and good fats, these little powerhouses can be a great snack to ward off hunger pangs between meals. Keep them to half a handful a day and you’re on the right track

8. Potato with Skin - during the course of developing the Satiety Index (SI) and using white bread as the baseline food for her work at the University of Sydney, Dr Susanne Holt found that Potatoes had the highest satisfaction rating of 323%. You can increase this effect even more by a) refrigerating your potato after cooking and serving it cold - this reduces the effect it has on your blood glucose levels after consuming
b) Toss it in a vinaigrette dressing (it can be citrus or vinegar based) which will slow emptying of the stomach

7. Barley - has an extremely high Insoluble fibre content per serving. Fibre instantly adds low calorie bulk to your meals, slows digestion and lowers the Glycaemic Index (GI) of your meals.

6. Oranges - eaten whole with the white fibre of the Albeto layer, Oranges have a  high water content and rated the highest fruit at 202% on Dr Holt's Satiety Index.

5. Legumes - are another rich source of protein and fibre, coming in canned form they are also convenient and great on a budget

4. Green Tea - stimulates the release of noradrenaline, a central nervous s ystem stimulant that reduces appetite, and cholecystokinin( CCK), which reduces hunger following the arrival of food.

3. Lean Meats - such as fish and chicken are a staple in any weight control program because they are high in protein and add considerable substance to any meal.

2. Green Veggies - such as Broccoli, Spinach and Kale are both high in natural fibre and water content and unlike chilli do not lose their efficacy on appetite the more you consume them.

1. Water - a 2010 study by Virginia Polytechnic and State University confirmed this appetite-control strategy, finding that middle-aged dieters who drank 2 cups of water before meals ate fewer calories at each meal and lost more weight over 12 weeks than dieters who did not.

To best put the reins on your appetite, combine these top ten contenders and their efficacy will increase.

Ensure you stay hydrated and drink a large glass of water before every meal, which also has the added benefit of controlling appetite.

Ensure that meals contain both protein and fibre (and occasionally some spice), then follow it up with a brewed Green Tea cuppa.

Remember the best way to control your appetite is to not let yourself go hungry, if you sit down for a meal ravenous you will definitely be leaving the table stuffed to the brim with calories you do not need.



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